Friday, May 2, 2014

KinetiSense is Different

For years years rehabilitation practitioners have been in demand for an accurate range of motion analysis product. We as rehab professionals are seeking to find an accurate, efficient, objective means to obtain range of motion in our patients. The ability to obtain accurate data on movement allows for the practitioner to track improvements and alter his/her treatment plan based on progression of the patient. On the market today you will see some range of motion capture systems that incorporate wearable sensors that are strapped to the patient. So what separates KinetiSense from these other products? KinetiSense is the most accurate, efficient, and objective system on the market in that it does not require the use of a wearable sensor. Studies have shown that as soon as there is touch or pressure to the epidermis, there is an altering in muscle firing activity.

Obviously having the range of motion capture system affecting the firing activity of the muscles attached to the joint it is reading is a problem, and alters the accuracy of the reading. Also, the systems that incorporate "wearable sensors" require that the sensor be placed in the exact position for each assessment, this can be very difficult to reproduce at each treatment visit. Kintisense range of motion capture system uses accurate infrared camera technology using the Kinect 2. This highly accurate system is able to take objective range of motion of the patient without having to place any sensors on the patient. An analysis can be done in seconds and there is the motion being assessed is not affected by the use of a wearable sensor. For these reasons and many more, KinetiSense has become the leader in accurate, efficient, objective range of motion analysis.

The following study from the University of Texas Neurosciences department explains the impact of touch and pressure on joints and muscles.  With Kinetisense the effect of touch will be mitigated.

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