Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kinetisense and Insurance

Today more than ever insurance companies are constantly requiring objective analysis and data on patients that file a claim, whether that claim is personal injury, MVA (motor vehicle accidents), or WCB (worker's compensation).  Not all practitioners treat "insurance claims", however the majority of us have these cases as part of our practice.Because Kinetisense will provide the most accurate, objective movement analysis on the market, we envision that it will become a vital aspect of the insurance based patient-practitioner interaction. This product will not only allow the practitioner to accurately track pain free joint range of motion (ROM) and overall joint ROM, but it will also provide historical data on the patient.

For instance, If a patient is analysed for cervical ROM these values will be stored in the Kinetisense software. Later, if that patient were to sustain a motor vehicle accident and complain of neck pain and/or discomfort, the new analysis could be compared to the previous analysis. Thus, the practitioner and insurance companies alike will be able to acquire and compare before and after ROM readings. This valuable data not only informs the insurance companies and practitioners on the impact of the "accident" or "injury", but also has a large impact on the treatment plan of the practitioner for this patient. The Kinetisense system is standardized between practitioners so readings from one practitioner using our software can be sent (confidentially) to another who is currently treating the patient. Kinetisense practitioners will benefit from the accuracy and objectivity that this system will bring to your practice.

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