Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Call for Objective Analysis

Like many other students in the healthcare rehabilitation field I would sit in my orthopaedic class and watch my instructor fumble around with an inclinometer, trying to show us how to use this tool to check joint range of motion (ROM). He would then tell us that currently this was the best way to measure joint ROM in a clinical setting. MY classmate then asked our professor how accurate the inclinometer was, our professor quickly backtracked and went on to explain how using the inclinometer is very inaccurate.

It was at this point that it occurred to me that one of the most essential aspects of patient assessment and treatment (objective ROM analysis) was still somewhat in the stone age. How can we as practitioners consider ourselves to truly be objective and evidence based if our analysis is based on an innacurate tool. I have since made it my mission to find an alternative. Today in rehabilitation, there is an emphasis on objectivity and evidence based care. In order to achieve this practitioners require accurate, efficient and objective tools to acquire patient data. Acquiring this movement data is essential and beneficial for the practitioner and the patient.

The KinetiSense system will revolutionize the way that ROM data is collected pre and post treatment. The infrared camera tracking system used by our system gives a very accurate measurement of joint ROM for all movements of each of the joints. The software will provide the practitioner with the ability to quickly view the progression or regression of dysfunctional movements and/or movements that cause pain, clicking etc. Easy to read reports will be created by the software to show the patient and practitioner treatment progression. There are many different products on the market that can help improve one's practice, but we believe that the patented KinetiSense system is a product that will change your practice forever. Dr. Ryan Comeau

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