Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Patient Retention Increases with Kinetisense

As practitioners we know that there are many factors that affect treatment outcomes with our patients. No matter what form of treatment that you do, whether it be soft tissue, functional movement, joint/tissue manipulation, surgery etc. patient progress reporting is essential. Objective analysis of motion is an essential component of the overall treatment process. Based on objective analysis of the patient the practitioner can modify the treatment, have a more accurate prognosis, and show the patient improvement data in discomfort and movement dysfunction as the treatment progresses.

Kinetisense will allow the practitioner to track improvements in patient ROM, but also organize analysis data so that the practitioner can easily show the patient functional improvement over time. Unfortunately many patients do not realize that function is never all or nothing. If the patient continues to have some pain throughout the treatment plan, even if the pain scale has dropped from 10/10 to 4/10, they often feel like there is minimal improvement. From a clinical point of view this would be seen as a significant improvement. Also if joint motion is improved by 30 degrees, the patient may not feel a huge difference, however clinically this is a significant change.

Kinetisense will allow the practitioner to report these improvements to the patient, validating the current treatment plan for the patient. When the patient is informed and they can see progression in care then this increases overall patient retention. The patient will be more likely to continue through with the treatment plan and protocol. As practitioners we know that patients that stick to the prescribed treatment plan often have the best chances of symptom relief and functional restoration. We believe that Kinetisense will make a dramatic impact on your practice.

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