Sunday, June 29, 2014

Making Kinetisense easy to use - Simplicity is not Simple

Designing Kinetisense to be easy to use  has been Dr Ryan Comeau and my goal from the start.  This is easier said then done as Simplicity is not Simple to accomplish.  We spent lots of time thinking about what would make a system easy to use.  During this process the doctors productivity was foremost.  We looked at the available technologies and concluded that the older Microsoft Kinect 1 sensor or wearable sensor technology would not provide the framework to build Kinetisense.

This past fall we decided to use the Windows 8.1 and Kinect 2 platform as the foundation for Kinetisense.  The new sensor is accurate to a mm instead of a cm and new features such as new joint and voice recognition provide mechanisms allow us to implement our vision.  Becoming a Microsoft Bizsoft partner and joining the Kinect 2 early partner program have allowed us to move the development of Kinetisense along nicely over the last 7 months.

It is one thing to have a vision and another to implement it.  Thankfully we were able to build a working relationship with Vangos Pterneas at Lightbuzz Software.  Vangos and his team have won numerous software design awards and they specialize in the Kinect sensor software development area.  Vangos and his team have done excellent work and have made Kinetisense very easy to use and more importantly it accurately measures the patient joint range of motion.  In our next blog Vangos will share his thoughts about Kinetisense.

When developing  a new idea especially when trying to make it simple, it is important to think about the problem, define the problem, document the potential solution, review lots and most importantly find the right team of people to build your product.  Following these steps will help your product live and most importantly easy to use.  Thanks for your time!  David

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